About Agora

The AGORA Publishing House was founded in September 2002 by the poet and critic Nenad Šaponja. Since its inception, AGORA drew attention to itself by publishing higly profiled and aesthetically demanding books. These are the distinguishing features of AGORA Publishing House, as well as its authors who received important literary awards.

The first books brought by the new publisher were novels Fifth Child by Diris Lessing, Under the Skin by Michel Faber, Wintering by Kate Moses and Bez ljubavi (Loveless) by a contemporary Serbian writer Pavle Ugrinov, which appeared in the edition Agora.

The intention of the edition Agora is to publish high quality contemporary fiction, written by both foreign and Serbian writers. This edition makes space for both contemporary classics and the inovative and established writers of young generations, nevere before published and translated into Serbian. Therefore, the edition Agora tries to serve as a sort of anthology of important liteary toponims in our times. We have published more than forty titles by now, which include books by Doris Lessing (Fifth Child, Ben In the World, The Grass Is Singing, Martha Quest, Summer Before the Dusk, Memoirs of a Survivor, Alfred and Emily, Particularly Cats, The Golden Notebook), Some Rain Must Fall by Michel Faber, The Black Prince and The Sandcastle by Iris Murdoch, Martin Sloan by Michael Redhill, At the Bottom of the River , Autobiography of My Mother and Lucy by Jamaica Kinkaid, Runaway by Alice Munro, Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, You Have to Be Careful In the Land of Free by James Kelman, Selected Stories by Brian Friel, The Cutting Room, The Bullet Trick and Tambourlain Must Die by Louise Welsh, La Sorciẻre by Marie NDiaye. Likewise, the concept of the edition Kalendar is to present the best fiction of the Serbian writers, bearing in mind that literature is a focal point which reflects the deepest layers of a cultural reality in a society. Our exclusive authors are Pavle Ugrinov, Vladimir Pištalo, Đorđe Pisarev, Mirko Demić, Danilo Nikolić, Sava Damjanov, Ljiljana Đurđić and Vule Žurić.

Beside these editions, one of the main pillar of our publishing house is the edition Pogled preko svega (A Gaze Over Everything), intended to elucidate the most important phenomena of contemporary literature in a cross-genred, biographic, documentary and anthologic manner and to fill the gaping empty spaces in their reception. This edition starts with the book of the same name by Pavle Ugrinov, representing a fiction and documentary cut through the artistic, social and political life in our country in the last fifty years. We also published the lexicon James Joyce A to Z, Contemporary American Woman Writers- Antology by Aleksandra Izgarjan and the first Serbian epistolary anthology Literature in Envelops – Fine Letters of the Serbian Writers, edited by Radovan Popović.

One of the most precious books in every culture are those collecting everyday practice of a literary critic. As it usually turns out, their value is best appreciated by the critics and historians in the times to come. The edition Ogledalo (Mirror) tries to cultivate the reception and evaluation of the Serbian literature – the activities which are sadly diminishing at the beginning of the twenty first century. In this edition one can find readings by our eminent critics Radivoj Mikić, Tihomir Brajović, Đorđe Despić, Bojana Stojanivić Pantović, Alen Bešić, Tanja Kragujević, Slobodan Vladušić, Aleksandar Laković, Dušica Potić...

Every respectable publisher has to have a poetic edition. Our edition is named Ariel and it consists of the collections of poetry by the most eminent Serbian and world poets. Our readership is introduced to the Arabic poet Mahmoud Derwish and many other world poets, such as Hans Magnus Enzesberger, Adrianne Rich, Stanislaw Baranczik, Ivan Štrpka , Sara Kirs, Tasos Livaditis...

The edition New Satire deals with the neglected literary genre of satire. The absurdities of the Serbian society are exposed and ridiculed by Aleksadar Baljak, Slobodan Simić, Raša Papeš, Rade Jovanović and theoretically framed by the psychologist Žarko Trebješanin.

The edition Agorin krimi roman (Agora's Crime Novel) aims to fill a gap of another kind – namely, a gap in the translated quality crime literature in the last thirty years, which was rarely translated into Serbian (however unbelievable this may appear). Final Appeal by Lisa Scottoline and Parallel Lies by Ridley Pearson were first to be published in this edition, while The Tunnel Vision by Sara Paretsky, Night Passage and Stone Cold by Robert B. Parker, I Died Yesterday and The Game by Aleksandra Marinina were brought out thereafter. The basic aim of this edition is to publish the most important works of contemporary crime writers, especially those whose literature crosses the strict borders of this genre.

Apart from this, AGORA Publishing House has several non-fiction editions: scientific monographies and medical books (Link) and books regarding different aspects of our local area (Zrenjanin).

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